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Welcome. I am Smokey Bailey and I started Smokey’s Handcrafted Log Homes in 1982. I have always been interested in log buildings. As a boy I built a few small log playhouses out in the woods of North Carolina. When I was nineteen I built my first small log house and I was so worn out from the experience that I said I would never build another one. I worked other jobs for a while including working for my father who was a contractor and we built a few log house kits. He had a customer who wanted a log house and the customer and I came to an agreement that I would build the log house shell. This was the beginning of Smokey’s Handcrafted Log Homes. I have always preferred the natural contours of hand crafted logs as opposed to the straight machine cut edges of kits and I have always strived to build this type of building. In 1980 I visited Alaska where I saw a Scandinavian full scribe house and was fascinated by the way the logs were woven together. So, in 1985 after three years of building hand crafted dove-tailed structures, I decided to go to the B. Allen Mackie School of log Building in British Columbia and take a building course on full scribe log construction. I really enjoyed it and they taught me many new log building techniques. Shortly after returning home I built my first full scribe log home. I have also built chinked round log structures, timber trusses using both square timbers and natural log, and a gnarly log post open pavilion. Though I prefer building new log structures, I have done a lot of restoration work on old log buildings. Because of years of experience with using an axe I am able to read the axe marks of the original builders and match my work to theirs.

We are a small family business; my wife and children help in the planning, the building, and restoration work. We are also able to supply rustic log posts both square and round, corbels, hand hewn or rough sawn timbers and log furniture.



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